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Welcome to the Repoli Consulting blog.

I would like to dedicate this space, not only to the art of massage, but also to the business of massage.

One thing I often find myself saying to my clients is, “treat your business, like a business.”  As massage therapists, we tend to get lost in the massage work.  The fact of the matter is, this is a great quality in a massage therapist.  I encourage you to be hyper-focused on your client, and the massage work you are doing, while you are in session.

When you are not in session, I strongly suggest that you stop thinking in such a narrow scope.  Massage therapists (like many other service industry professionals) forget that you aren’t ‘just’ a massage therapist.  You are a business person.  You are a business person, who happens to be in the business of massage.

Whether you run your own solo practice, own a multi-therapist practice, or are employed by a multi-therapist practice, it is up to you to control how your business grows.

In these posts, we will occasionally discuss massage technique, but we will also share ideas about the business of massage.

There will be posts about getting started, growing your practice, branding, finding your target market, networking, marketing, problem solving, and the pros and cons of owning your practice vs. working as an employee in a multi-therapist practice, to name a few.

We will also discuss what I consider to be the Holy Grail of growing your massage practice:  repeat business and referrals.

While I have plenty of topics to discuss, I am happy to take suggestions.  So if there is something that you would like to discuss (or a question you would like to ask), leave a message here and I will try my best to get to it.

Also, feel free to invite your other massage therapist friends to this site and share these posts with other service industry professionals (acupuncturists, energy workers, aestheticians, fitness trainers, Yoga instructors, etc.) who might find this content relevant to their businesses as well.  Or click on the icons to share these posts on your own social media platforms.


Peace and Love,

——– Nick

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