Happy Leap Day!

2024 is a leap year.  That means you get a whole extra day to do whatever you want.  

What will you do with your extra day?  Will you use it to do that thing you’ve been avoiding or putting off?  

You could plan to have a bonus family day.  Take the fam on a day trip or stay home and do fun activities together (games, movies, bake cookies).  

Or you could make February 29th a bonus work day.  Update your website.  Spice it up a little.  You could steam clean and organize your massage office space and gear/tools.  

Stephen Covey might suggest you ‘sharpen your saw’.  You probably know Stephen Covey as the 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People guy.  Sharpening your saw is the term they use for personal development.  So you might schedule a workshop or class of some sort to either sharpen your hands-on massage skills or your business and marketing skills.  

If you can’t find a class or workshop scheduled on February 29th, that’s OK.  You can take a home study course.  Go back to my website and download the Grow Your Massage Practice home study course and you can earn 4 CEUs.  

If that seems too ambitious for you, you could just read a book.  It doesn’t need to be a business book.  You can just read for pleasure.  

And the bottom line is, you don’t need to do anything at all.  There is something to be said for doing absolutely nothing.  Some legitimate rest and relaxation.  

In fact, it might be nice to have someone massage the massage therapist for a change.  Create a whole day just for your own self-care.  Meditate.  Read.  Go for a walk in nature.  Get a massage.  Have a healthy meal.  Spend some quality time with friends and family.  

Make it fun.  Or productive.  Or relaxing.  It’s your bonus day, do whatever you want.  

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a great day.  And if you don’t, no worries.  We’ll have another bonus leap day in four short years from now.  

Peace and Love,


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