You went to massage school and learned everything you needed to know about body mechanics and massage technique, and now you do amazing work.

So you rented a space and hung up a sign, but nobody is beating a path to your door. 

If you are struggling to find enough people to fill your appointment calendar, your worries are over.

I’m here for you!

nick repoli
Hi, I'm Nick

After a long career training athletes and dancers, I became a massage therapist, graduating from Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork, in 1999.

My clientele has been largely centered in pain relief, including pre/postnatal massage, post-surgical patients, as well as injured dancers and athletes. 

For many years I taught massage classes at Boston University and Spirit Wellness Institute.  In 2014, I started coaching independent massage therapists and soon after, started facilitating workshops for continuing education credits. In 2015, the content of my most popular workshop was published as the book, “How To Grow Your Massage Practice With Repeat Business And Referrals.”

You can grow fast or you can grow slow. It’s up to you.

If you want to grow fast, we can help guide you through the branding and marketing hurdles, and avoid the road blocks and give you the tools to grow a profitable business.  

I believe that the work we do

as massage therapists is important work and there is no reason we shouldn’t earn a decent living in our massage career.

Whether you are new to massage, are an experienced massage and bodywork professional, or own a multi-therapist practice, you will find the perfect workshop or business consulting opportunity to fit your needs.

If you are ready to quit that part-time job, and earn all the money you deserve from your successful massage practice, then here are the ways I can help you:

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Are you tired of working that part-time job?

Ready to earn the income you deserve from your very own successful massage practice?