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How to Grow Your Massage Practice with Repeat Business and Referrals

“This is a beautifully written book by Nick Repoli, which contains valuable information for students, therapists, and teachers. There are many things that therapists need to know to grow a successful practice and How To Grow Your Massage Practice contains important information that will help readers achieve their goals in creating solid referrals and repeat business opportunities. I consider Nick’s book to be an easy-to-read, valuable tool for therapists and massage schools to have on their bookshelves.”

—Diane Palmer, former founder, CEO and director of the Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork

“Therapists have to constantly be in a state of educating themselves and improving their techniques to effectively grow in their careers and navigate today’s market. This book, much like his workshops, offers the techniques and tips for any therapist that is interested in improving their skills, building greater relationships with their clients and growing their business opportunities.”

—Helena Hughes, Owner Pax Massage

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